Drill Yard

Home to every Firehouse Fitness Signature Class. Where tough workouts are completed, friendships are formed & our community is created!

The Drill Yard lives at the heart of every Firehouse Fitness facility & is the true heartbeat of the gym. Our professional fitness crew takes pride in delivering our signature sessions with 100{9651c5bcfe167aa66a2342933ceebf47b96d0ae3e06b66fe79da7d440870dff0} enthusiasm, creating energy & an atmosphere that is truly something special. Our sessions are inclusive & appeal to a range of fitness levels & our crew makes sure that everyone feels welcome & enjoys their workout.

Outside our class timetable, the Drill Yard area is available for all of our members to use to create their own workouts. The state-of-the-art functional space includes Rigs, Prowler sleds, Ski-ergs, Curved treadmills, Kettlebells, Olympic bars & Plates, Battle Ropes & much, much more.

Need some help creating a workout? No problem just grab one of our friendly crew who will be happy to support you with advice & motivation.