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Work your entire body with our signature session FEEL THE BURN. This HIIT style session will work your whole body, so there’s not an inch of you that doesn’t feel the burn. You will use functional movements using a variety of equipment to burn the maximum calories during the session.
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Really push and improve your Cardio in our ACCELERANT session. These sessions are circuit based using a variety of CV machines and functional movements to really ramp up your fat burning potential.
Improve your strength and learn how to lift correctly in our ‘Firecrew’ session. You will be taken through 2-3 compound lifts, taught what muscles you are using in those lifts and look to increase your strength in these lifts. This will be followed by a circuit that includes the lifts you have learnt and maybe a few other exercises to really get you burning maximum calories.
Give your fat a punch in our FIREFIGHT sessions. In these sessions you will improve your fitness, burn fat and de-stress by doing rounds of boxing on our bags, pads and using a range of equipment to improve your conditioning.
Party beats and pumping legs in our Spin session. Let us help improve your fitness, strength and endurance all to the latest beats (and some not so latest beats). Our Firehouse spin sessions are guaranteed to get you sweating, working hard and having fun while doing it.
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